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Printing is a popular and cost effective
solution for a larger run of garments
such as cotton T-shirts.

There are different methods available and we can advise you on the best solution for your requirements and budget.

Screen Printing is the traditional method of printing and is the process of pushing ink through a screen on to
the fabric of the garments. It is the perfect process if you need large runs of high quality, printed clothing over
quantities of 50. Large multi colour designs can be done in various positions on a garment using screen printing.

Transfer Printing involves a two stage process where screen print is applied to a transfer and then applied
to the garment. This method is sharper and more accurate, gives brighter colours and a smoother definition.
This method is suitable for smaller and larger quantities and allows for monitoring of quality at every stage.

Heat Cut Transfer Printing is ideal for small quantities and single colours, it uses cut vinyl which is then placed
on the garment and sealed by heat press. It’s great for placing individual names or numbers on the back of shirts
and also web addresses. The process is very durable and once the text or logo is applied can be washed at
40 degrees and higher on most fabrics.

Stitch Monkey has helped many clubs and organizations with their custom branded T-shirts and has been a superb
way of kitting out a team or promotional item for an event.